Best Oils For Seasoning Griddles

The Best Oils For Seasoning Griddles (Reviews & Buying Guide)

There are many different types of oils that can be used to season a griddle. Some oils, like vegetable oil, have been around for years and continue to be popular. Other new variations, such as rice bran oil or avocado oil have become more commonplace in recent years. 

Today we’ll discuss such kinds of best oils for seasoning griddle. But, firstly we’ll know some important information then discuss the products. 

Why You Should Season Your Griddle

The griddle is an essential kitchen tool, and it’s important to take care of this invaluable piece of equipment by seasoning it. The most important two factors of taking care-

  • It prevents the griddle from rusting; 
  • Seasoning creates a natural non-stick coating.

In addition, These last longer if you continue to season the griddle over time. The more often you use and maintain your griddle, the better it will become at resisting food from sticking to its surface!

Can You Use Any Kinds Of Oils To Season Griddles?

You can’t use any kinds of oils to season the griddles. They don’t work, there are only available some specific oils to use for that.

The reason is that griddles are made up of enameled surface coating, so these will be damaged if you use other kinds of oils on them. Even these can’t stand the high temperature and pressure when you cook with it normally. 

In addition, there are some potential health problems if you use other kinds of oils on your griddle. 

However, most professional chefs say that you should consider an oil that is used for seasoning is important and needs to be applied first.

Which Oils Should You Use To Season Griddles?

We have found the best oils for seasoning griddles. These make perfect for cooking on your griddle without adding too much fat.

These oils are also good for lowering cholesterol levels and reducing inflammation in the body. Let’s see the top 2 griddle seasoning oils:

1. Garden of Life Coconut Oil

No matter what you’re cooking, this  Coconut Oil will make it taste amazing.  it’s one of the best options for seasoning your griddle because it has a high smoke point of 400 – 500°F. 

You may be surprised to learn that this is also one of the best oils for deep frying with its high protein content and low levels of saturated fat. This will help relax fried food residues in order to release them from sticking back together again in their new form.

When the oils are heated too much it oil doesn’t oxidize and extends the shelf life of your typical dish by an extra four to six months! 

Coconut oil is also typically pretty solid at room temperature so it can provide a skillet or hot oven surface without burning if left on too long. But provide cooked foods more consistently which means nothing will be burnt to a crisp! Plus, lower levels of toxins mean less damage our bodies need time to heal from in the future.

2. Well’s Pure Avocado Oil

This pure avocado oil is perfect for your griddle because it has a high smoke point of 400°F. It’s canola-based and packs a punch when you need to season your evening meal.

It is also an all-purpose vegetable oil that is used for a variety of cooking and frying needs. Most people fry potatoes, as the taste may not overpower other flavors in the dish. 

Additionally, it also allows chefs to use it with foods like spinach. This also features Omega 3 which provides a healthy dose of heart-healthy fats and other nutrients without contributing a lot of saturated fat or carbohydrates. The unflavored nature means it’s perfect for baking muffins or cakes, too!

How to Season a Griddle

Essentially, seasoning a griddle is the process of removing any food residue that has built up on the cooking surface. The most effective way to do this is with a scraper and a scraperboard. To season your griddle, remove all food residue from the surface using the scraping tool. 

Preheat your griddle until it gets dark and turn it off when it does get dark so you can apply an even layer of oil without burning anything. Once you have applied enough oil, spread it evenly over the entire surface using a paper towel before turning on your stove again at medium-high heat

When everything looks browned and blackened, turn off the stove again for about 10 minutes or until everything returns to room temperature.


You may have heard that there are a lot of oils to choose from, and you’re right. There’s olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil more.  But we have listed the safe multi-proposed oils that help to season griddles properly. In addition, these oils can be used to season other pans like cast iron and stainless steel pan.

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